Who are the Three Clever Sisters?

The witches of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, we are not — although we do make an occasional bubbling pot of soup.  And even if we are the daughters of a dentist, we don’t hesitate to nurture (indulge?) our sweet tooth–though you’ll see we try to keep a bit of a healthy balance.


Though we grew up in a small city (some might say “large town”) in Oklahoma, we’re now fanned out to the East and West coast (with some detours in between).  And thanks to the glories of the Internet we are sharing our many experiments (some successful, some not), adventures, and misadventures (yes, silicone bakeware CAN burn) with each other–and  decided that we just might be inspiration, but at the very least entertainment, for others.  And now, from oldest (sigh) to youngest:


Lawyer, married to a lawyer, in-law to 5 lawyers, mom of 2 very blond boys.  But as a self-professed foreign language geek and former international traveller, she often gravitates towards recipes that remind her of the places she’s visited and would like to visit again someday (though long plane flights with young children are not in the current plan).  Sara lives in the Boston area, but will be happy to tell you, in perhaps too much detail, about places she has lived–London, Madrid, Prague, Sarajevo, and Frankfurt–and places she would like to visit.  Until then, Sara tries to travel a bit using the magic of cooking.  She also loves to bake bread and muffins (and just about anything) and is experimenting with whole grains, DIY projects, and seasonal food.


As you can tell by the above photo, Karen is what you might call “outdoorsy”–which is a good thing for someone who lives in the Pacific Northwest.  Also a lawyer (yes, that’s 2 now), you might be impressed to learn that Karen has competed in many a triathlon–until you find out she’s also done a half-Ironman.  Her vegetarian recipes are the healthy fuel she needs to get through her runs, laps, and loops, and her runs, laps and loops make her feel less guilty about all the cheesecake she’s been making!


Marie is not a lawyer but (wait for it) is married to one.  Marie is a dedicated middle school teacher in New York City, and has the street smarts and sass to prove it.  Since she lives in Brooklyn, we hardly have to tell you that all her cooking is brought to you courtesy of a tiny kitchen (even down to her mini-oven).  Marie reports back on her amazing trips (Peru being the most recent, but also Brazil, Argentina, South Africa and Jamaica) and her meals and cocktails out and about town.

Contact us!

Feel free to email us at 3cleversisters [at] gmail [dot] com.  We’d love to hear from you!

Other blog posts about us can be found here!

34 thoughts on “Who are the Three Clever Sisters?

  1. Hey, Sara! Thanks for dropping by my site…
    I love that you and your sisters are writing this together – such a great idea!
    I gotta know, though – which ‘small city’ in Oklahoma did you grow up in?
    ‘Cause, you know, I did too… 😀

  2. And here we thought we were the only “3 Sisters” blog, however, we are the unprofessional ones, except for our “little” sister who taught school for 35 years. Hope you’re having as much fun as we are. Visit us anytime.

  3. I found your blog through Blogflux.com The name grabbed me first. I am a fellow foodie and find your photos here amazing. And your collective ‘about me’ is very entertaining!! I look forward to reading more of your blog.

  4. Hello! Today I’ve the pleasure to find out your beautiful blog. Three sisters blogging is a lovely idea 😉


  5. I also am one of three sister (the oldest-big sigh) and my first attempt at blogging was trying to do what you’re doing very successfully now. We’re spread across the country as well, but in Canada. For now I’ve gone solo and have found a new love for blogging. Maybe I’ll try uniting the sister again down the road on WordPress. Love your blog.

  6. Thank you so much for leaving a comment on Stories of Conflict and Love — I am SO happy I found this blog! As a Boston resident (currently in Colombia) with an international life — and international cravings — I cannot wait to return and browse all your posts. Looking forward to exploring your beautiful site!

  7. Hey beautiful witches 😉 Loved reading all about you ! You sounds so fun and interesting ! I wish I could have any sister but I don’t have 😦 Love your blog as you people do posts on food most of the time and food is the best thing I love to read about 😛 Wish you three all the best ! 🙂 xx

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