Candy Cane Hat

I’ve been complaining that it’s too early for Christmas:  not because I’m a Scrooge, but because I really don’t think it’s necessary to start the onslaught of marketing before Halloween has even passed.  I grew up being told that Christmas season started the Friday after Thanksgiving.  After all, that’s why Santa is the last float of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade!  Apparently times have changed.  I know retailers are trying to “move” products this year of all years, but still.  It’s 2 major holidays away, people!

Christmas knitting is a different story!  My leftover yarn from the Santa Hat, from the very first post, has been repurposed into a new Christmas hat.  This pattern is from Handknit Holidays and based on the measurements, I made the woman’s size but at a slightly tighter gauge–I figured that would give some room to grow, plus a tightly knit hat will just keep out more cold air.  And size wise it turned out about right:  It’s a little big for little E, but too small for me.

This was not too difficult, though I should have put a stitch marker in place to mark the beginning of each row.  As the pattern swirls into a candy cane shape, the first stitch of each row is constantly shifting.  It didn’t cause too big of a problem, but I had to spend some extra time figuring out where I was in the pattern on occasion.  Maybe there’s one side that therefore looks a little funny, but that always happens with circular knitting anyway (since I never bothered to learn “jogless joins”) so I’m not sure how noticeable it is to anyone but me (or if I even made a mistake at all).

 Color’s a little off here, but you get the idea–it’s your standard red and white!  Maybe I’ll be able to update this post with a shot of little E modelling, but even though my camera now works, I have yet to stop slacking off with the camera.

Candy Cane Hat II