A new type of Cocktail Column (at least short term)

So it’s been a while since I’ve written a cocktail column. Now, honestly, this means close to nothing for me because I’m not as dutiful or as culinary as my older sister Sara, but if you have guessed that I can’t  have alcohol you are also correct. Babies and hard liquor don’t really go. So, after February maybe I’ll be able to slowly get back to where I was!  Until then, this column will be have more fruit, more spritzer and 0.0% alcohol content. I’m sad about it too. However, I’ve been asking at many different restaurants for the “virgin cocktails, the mocktails” or whatever other name they have for the alcohol free cocktail. I’ve also started looking up many recipes, but have yet to find really good alcohol-free versions. There is really no replacing a mimosa, a St Germain cocktail or a fabulous bottle of red. The best replacement I have seen has been the mojito.

Typically the mojito is sugar, rum, some version of seltzer and mint. The bubbliness of the mojito makes it the only drink that is ok without the rum. (Note: I will never say better in any of these blogs. I just can’t. Wont. Ever.) It makes sense when you think about the mojito, a drink ordered for relaxation, a drink ordered for the fact that it’s refreshing.

While I continue to search for the best mojito, I will tell you a couple of non-alcoholic drinks that should not be tried.

#1. Non alcoholic beer

I don’t care what the brand. It’s awful. Yes, I tried it. I was trying to fit in. Fitting in is important and even though I’m not in high school anymore sometimes that feeling wants to creep back in. The taste? Well, it tastes how kitty litter smells. Foul. It’s also a complete waste of calories.

#2  Virgin Margaritas

Now these aren’t the worst, but they aren’t the best. I just had one last at night at our favorite tex mex restaurants that serve the best margaritas. You eat your chips. You have the greasy queso. You are relaxed and feeling, well not pregnant and then you take a sip. Unsatisfying. It’s like having a great sprite. There’s nothing wrong with sprite. In fact I really like it from time to time, but we know it’s not like a margarita with salt on the rim. Nothing is.

So for anyone on a diet, a restriction or in the midst of a rough hangover, try the mojito. It’s the only sensible way to go. I will continue to keep everyone updated on my search for great mocktails.

2 thoughts on “A new type of Cocktail Column (at least short term)

  1. I don’t really do alcohol. Not that I don’t like it but I suffer from migraines & no matter what the alcohol, I get one. Maybe ’cause it tends to dilate blood vessels, whatever, I just can’t do booze. I LIKE (ok, LOVE) rum, some whiskies, bourbon & my fave: straight tequila.

    Having said all that, I hear ya abt the virgin stuff. It’s ok, not great. HOWEVER, I have found that if you get imaginative, some drinks are better than just ok w/out the booze.

    An example: limeade w/ tonic water. NOT lemonade! The sweet floral sourness of limes is really nice w/ the bitterness from the quinine in the tonic water. Virgin cosmos? Try 7Up w/ cranberry juice. Sex on the Beach? Peach juice, pineapple juice and tonic water. I’m allergic to pineapple so I usually just use the peach juice or nectar and mix it w/ limeade then add a splash or 2 of tonic water.

    Ok. If I were to be using alcohol, I wouldn’t really bother w/ all the juices but hey, if I can’t drink w/ the grownups, I’m gonna enjoy my drink.

    Oh. And all of the suggested drinks? Pour over LOTS of ice!

  2. Congratulations, Marie! Our youngest daughter, Maureen, is also due in February. Your mom and I will have to start a betting pool on which one of you will deliver first. Take good care of yourself, and have a good time while you’re pregnant.

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