Pop of Color: Potholders for Becky!

Last year around this time, I made some potholders from scraps. They were so charming, that I thought I’d do it again.  This time, I bought fabric and made scraps from it – kind of defeating the purpose of “using scraps” but I do like how they turned out.

My friend Becky in Butte Falls (shout out to the loggers!) had recently redone her kitchen in black and white.  I decided for her birthday she could use some new potholders and then I added a “pop” of color.  I chose red because

(1) it’s a great contrast with the black and white

(2) I had scraps in my scrap basket!

(3) Becky likes red.  The Butte Falls Loggers’ color is Green, and as their #1 fan (has she EVER missed a game?) she wears green a LOT.  But, she did admit that she likes red.

And so, I cut 2.5 in strips of the three fabrics in varying lengths from 1.5 to 3 inches.

I sewed them together, alternating.

I sewed the small strips into big strips and then into one continuous big strip.  Next, I cut the big strip into equal pieces, sewed four or five together length-wise to get a rectangle for the front of the potholder.  This time around I used heat-proof batting and sandwiched that between the front and solid squares.  Voila!

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